Certification Process and Title Protection

If you are not a member of STIBC yet, please see the admission policy and application procedures first.

Title Protection

Our Certified professionals benefit from occupational title protection in British Columbia, meaning only they can use the titles mentioned below. Members are certified by either passing an examination in their languages of proficiency (the examination is administered and adjudicated on a national basis by CTTIC); or by the "On Dossier" process. 
Each certified member listing shows all of the certifications that member has and in which language combinations, as well as their contact information.

Certifications are:
Certified Translator (C.T.)
Certified Court Interpreter (C. Crt.I)
Certified Conference Interpreter (C.C.I)
Certified Community Interpreter (C.Com.I)
Certified Medical Interpreter (C.M.I)
Certified Terminologist (C. Term)

[Title Protection Certificate, 2002. Click for larger image]

Dates Title Protection granted 

November 2002: Certified Translators, Conference Interpreters and Terminologists benefit from protected title in British Columbia.

February 2004: Certified Court Interpreters also benefit from protected title.

May 2015: Certified Community Interpreters and Certified Medical Interpreters also benefit from protected title.

Click the small picture to see the Title Protection Certificate (2015).


Certification Process

Translators may qualify for certification by 2 methods: (1) by passing a written examination in their languages of proficiency (the examination is administered and adjudicated on a national basis by CTTIC); (2) by the "On Dossier" process.

Court Interpreters, Medical Interpreters and Community Interpreters are certified on the basis of written and practical examinations administered by CTTIC, as well as by the "On Dossier" process. 


Certification on Dossier

The process to become Certified On Dossier is administered by STIBC. Members can log into the site and find the application form and other documents here.


STIBC Fee Schedule

Click here to access the STIBC Fee Schedule.

Continuing Education (Professional Development)

To maintain their status as members in good standing with STIBC, all Certified members must undertake professional development activities resulting in a minimum of 15 Continuing Education (CE) credits every two years.  The activities ought to be documented and sent to the Society's office using this form:



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