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Practice Examination for Certification in Translation

400-1501 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC or The Comfort of Your Own Office/Home

Examination Details:

  1. Candidates can translate one or two texts. Please note that the "two text exam" option will be the SAME language combination for BOTH texts. If you would like to do the exam in both language combinations, you have to purchase an additional exam
  2. The selected text(s) will be about 200 words and it will be of the same nature as a compulsory / optional text used in the CTTIC exams.
  3. The exam will last 1.5 hours for one text, 3 hours for two texts.
  4. It will be an open book exam; candidates may bring their print dictionaries and other reference books.
  5. The exam may be written by hand on lined paper or on the computer.
  6. One marker will be assigned to each exam. The same marking criteria as the certification exam will be applied.
  7. Markers will provide a comprehensive marker’s comments sheet, in which all mistakes will be indicated and corrections will be offered where possible. Exams will be marked down to zero and a marker's comments sheet will be provided even if a candidate achieves a passing mark.
  8. Unlike the CTTIC exam, candidates will get a marker’s comments sheet as well as their marked exams to make sure that this is a fully educational experience for them. This feedback should give a reasonable idea of whether a candidate is ready to take the exam and, if not, where they need more work.
  9. Candidates are reminded that even if they pass the practice exam, they might not necessarily pass the certification exam. If they fail, the chances are high that they will fail the actual exam.
  10. Candidates may take as many practice exams as they wish.

For Candidates in the Metro Vancouver Area:

We encourage candidates in the metro Vancouver area to make an appointment in order to take the practice examination at STIBC’s office after exam purchase.

COVID-19: Currently all practice exams are done at home.

For Candidates Outside of the Metro Vancouver Area and in Other Provinces / Territories:

Candidates outside of the metro Vancouver area can do the practice exam in the comfort of their own home.  Once you register for / purchase a practice exam(s), a package will be sent to you.

Practice Exam - One text $140.00
Practice Exam - Two texts SAME language combination for both texts $190.00
On-line registration is now closed.
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